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The Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) accepts all applications that are lodged, regardless of who lodges them. You are able to lodge any kind of visa application yourself and most applications can be lodged online.

Deciding whether you want to use a registered migration agent or not is a very subjective decision and depends entirely on your ability to lodge a successful application. It is something like deciding if you want to appoint an accountant to do your tax return or a solicitor to do your will. In both cases there are people who can successfully do that and others who require professional advice and support.

In Australia, migration agents must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). If you choose to use a migration agent, you should use a registered migration agent. It is a criminal act for unregistered advisers to provide such advice and the Government views it so seriously that such persons risk penalties of up to 10 years' imprisonment.

Registration gives you protection and helps ensure people working as migration agents are aware of current laws and procedures and give correct advice. (Department of Home Affairs (DOHA)

Form filling is just one aspect of the visa application process. You need to meet the requirements of the visa type you are applying for in order to make a successful visa application. Individual circumstances such as education, age, health, family, a criminal record, are taken into consideration by the Department. Migration Law changes very frequently and a migration agent needs to keep constantly informed with the most recent changes and updates.

Rita ensures that the migration services provided are based on in-depth research of the Migration legislation related to the client’s individual circumstances.

  • advise you on what visa might best suit you from the pool of more than 140 visas available provide you with written advice and a quote with all the relevant costs and professional fees

  • give her honest opinion regarding your chances of success

  • assist you with any points of law or complex issues that might apply to your case

  • make sure that your visa application is valid when lodged. The Department will NOT consider an invalid visa application

  • ensure that the supporting documents of your application meet the specific standards as defined by the Department

  • prepare a submission based on the legislation related to your application and present you in the best possible light

  • lodge your application and liaise with the Department on your behalf and monitor the applications process. You will be kept informed at every step

  • in the event that your application is not successful, apply for Ministerial intervention (if appropriate), submit an appeal and/or represent you at a tribunal hearing


Rita aims to lodge “decision-ready” applications so that delays and requests for further information from the Department are avoided.

Rita Bratanis migration services have a very competitive pricing policy.

The professional fees charges are reasonable and in line with the fees charged by the majority of registered migration agents in Australia.

For indicative purposes check the MARA link here.

At Rita Bratanis Migration Services we endeavour to lodge the application for your visa as soon as possible. After receiving all the required supporting documentation we aim to lodge the application in the following fortnight.

The Department for Immigration and Border Protection has different processing times depending on the type of visa lodged. You can find an estimation of the processing times at the Department’s web page by clicking here.

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